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Fiat X1/9 Abarth Prototipo - the cars

There were built 3 race cars, one Muletto (test car), a Stradale (road version) and probably a spare car of the Fiat X1/9 Abarth Prototipo. The Abarth-chassis numbers are probably going from 23001 to 23005. TOH02940 comes from the press presentation of the X1/9 on Sicily and is the "prototype of the Prototipo". The number plates of the cars were ascending too, only the first prototype had another because it was registered in November 1972, the other cars were registered in September 1974; from the Stradale there is no known number plate. The number plates are TOH02940 and TOL65335 to TOL65337. The cars were equipped with different engines with a capacity of 1756 cm³, 18940 cm³ and 1995 cm³. All cars were later fitted with the 16V-Abarth-engine. These engines were equipped with carburetors, the 16V engine was also equipped with a Kugelfischer injection during the Tour de France Auto.


1974: Rally di Sicilia, Rally 4 Reigoni, Rally Alpi Orinetali
1975: Ronde Hivernale Serre Chevalier

                          ->    registered in November 1972
                          ->    Serial number 128AS0000133
                          ->    FAZA (Cosentino), USA; Daytona 1977
                          ->    Abarth collector (Japan)

TOH02940    TOH02940, Ronde Hivernale Serre Chevalier


1974: Tour de France Auto, Giro d'Italia, Rally 100.000 Trabucchi

                         ->    registered in September 1974
                         ->    Serial Number 128AS0023002
                         ->    FAZA (Cosentino)
                         ->    japanese collector; under restauration in italy in the moment



1974: Tour de France Auto, Giro d'Italia, Coppa Liburna

                        ->    registered in September 1974
                        ->    Serial Number 128AS0023003
                        ->   Augusto Cesari (VC 420157)
                        ->    Gino Macaluso

TOL65336    TOL65336, Liburna 1974


1974: Tour de France Auto
1975: Critérium des Chevennes, Rally Montecarlo (tests), Critérium Neige et Glace, Ronde De La Durance, Critérium Jean Behra

                          ->    registered in September 1974
                          ->    Serial Number 128AS0023001
                          ->    italian private citizen



                            -> FAZA (Cosentino)




                             -> most likely owned by an Italian collector


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