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Specifications /peculiarities of the Lido Model

Time produced: March 1977 until August 1978

the press release

 the pictures of the press release

Numbers of cars produced: ca. 700

Basic equipment same as  X1/9 1300 Series Speciale (called "Exclusiv" in Germany), produced 4/76 to 7/78

The press release is from the Automobil Salon of Geneva in March 1977, the car was introduced in 1977 at the paris nightclub Lido.

in the paris night club Lido

Delivery-countries: Switzerland, France, Belgium and Great Britain; according to Bertone the car was only meant for the swiss market

Fiat startet selling the car in France in spring of 1977 (35.900 F.) and in GB in may 1978 (4.275£).


- Color black metallic, Fiat color code 813
- green tinted windows all around
- Bumpers chromium plated
- Interior, seats and parts of the inner door panels Alcantara (fake suede); there are
  some differences between the picture in the sales brochure and my Lido. I think
 that Fiat changed the layout of the seats while producing the car.

- " Lido" badge above the X1/9 emblem on the rear drink, color: silver

- " X1/9" badge on the targa bar, same as Series Speciale, color: white

- white/grey stripe on the sides (upper: narrow, light silver; below: wide, white)

- Badge on the right wing

The model was introduced in Paris in the local nightclub "Lido", therefore the name.

Tecnical data:

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