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Technical data of the Fiat X1/9 Abarth Prototipo

Engine of Fiat 124 Abarth Rally

Bore x stroke: 86 x 79,2 mm
Capacity: 1756 (Abarth 232) or 1840 cm³ (Abarth 232 G)
Compression ratio: 11,4
Power: 210 PS at 7800 1/min (232 G)
Torque: 21 mkg /206 Nm at 6200 1/min (232 G)
Carburetion: 2 Weber 44 IDF (232) oder 48 IDF (232 G) or Kugelfischer-injection (at the Tour de France Auto)
Cylinder head: 2 or 4 valves, DOHC (Abarth)
Gearbox: manual 5-speed-gearbox (housing of Lancia Montecarlo, gear wheels of Beta Coupe Gr. 4) with limited-slip differential
Chassis: Widened stock chassis with fender flares, front spoiler with integrated Headlights "Periscope" for better air flow to the carburettors and integrated oil coolant; anti-roll bar; much of the stock sheetmetal in front and rear trunks removed; 80-Liter-fuel tank in the front trunk

lxbxh: 3810 x 1690 x 1180 mm (without snorkel)
Wheelbase: 2202 mm
Wheels: front:  8x13" Campagnolo with 235/45-13
rear: 10x13" Campagnolo with 270/40-30
Others: Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h 6,8 s; 0 -  400m in 14,5 s

Fiat X1/9 Abarth Rally (Stradale) Group 4

Like this the X1/9 Abarth rally should be equipped, the homologation feed was already submitted to the FIA (in brackets on request)

Engine code: 134 AS (Lancia Beta Montecarlo)
Bore x stroke: 84 (84,1) x 90 mm

1995,04 (1999,7) cm³

Compression ratio: 8,9 (10,83)
Cylinder head: 2 (4) valves per cylinder, DOHC (16V Abarth)

4 valve head of the Stradale
Carburation: 1 carburator Weber 34 DATR/200
Power: 115 hp at 6000 1/min
Torque: 16,8 kgm (164,8 Nm) at 3500 1/min
Geerbox: manual 5-speed-gearbox, limited slip differential
Brakes: Discs all around, like stock
Suspension: like stock, with antiroll bar front and rear
Front suspension                                         rear suspension
Chassis: Plastic fender flares and hoods; doors made from Aluminium; windwows except the front one made from Plexiglass

l x b x h 3650 x 1670 x 1185 mm
wheels: Cromodora CD30, 5,5x13
quantity Originally 500 pieces should be made from November 1974 until February 1975; merely one has already been built  (see history)

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