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Some pictures of the X1/9 Abarth Prototipi

TO L65337 in Italy; at a visit in summer 2005


A picture of Jean-Jacque De Galgoswky from the X1/9 Club France
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TOH02940: The "prototype of the Prototipo",some times  with "PROVA" number plate, without Snorkel and other details, which seperates this car from the later versions (pictures taken from Auto Zeitung und Autosprint 1974):


The Abarth of Al Cosentino, 1977 in Daytona (pictures of Al Cosentino's FAZA X1/9 Strada 128 Race World):

TOL65335, for restauration in Italy (pictures of Guy Moerenhout, Belgium):


TOL65336 (VC 420157): The Abarth of Giani ("Gino") Macaluso at the Auto Moto Retro in 2002 (pictures of the Site X1/9 ITALIA net):


2002 at the automobile museum "Bonfanti", Italy (pictures of  the Site


TOL65337, pictures taken from Echappement No. 79 from 1975; the fotos are taken at the Ronde de la Durance 1975 with Bernard Darniche

Stradale at FAZA, USA (pictures of Brett Melancon, USA):


the onliest built street car (stradale version)!!

The replica of Guy Moerenhout from Belgium


At the "25 Years Abarth"-meeting in France in 2004 (pictures of Thierry Paris, X1/9 Club Europa):


Pictures of Michael Holmes, taken in 1974 at the Abarth facility


Pictures of old Autosprint magazines:
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