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Some pictures of X1/9 Dallara cars and cars with Dallara engine

Salvatore Digiacomo (I); No. 12; 1977, 1300 ccm 16V, light blue / dark blue
Mr. Digiacomo had the car built at Dallara in 1977 and raced the car until 1982. He was champion of the italian hillclimb cup in 1978 (Campione Italiano Terza Zona) and champion of the circuit cup in 1978 (Campione Italiano in pista Gr. 5).


The Dallara of Giovanni Emilio Rizzi from Italy (no further details known). He is using his car at national corcuit and hillclimb races.


From the french Magazine "Echappement", Number 119 (1973):
The Dallara of Jean-Louis Gounon (France)


other pictures of this car, how it looks now: (Club Magazine X1/9 Club France)


Jean-Yves Roussel (F); No.11, 1979

Takes part at races, here at a hillclimb race in the french Schirmeck (Alsace).


I saw this Dallara in Alsace in action! He won in his class and he did not drive much slower than the formula cars!! Pictures taken from the french Club Magazine:


Pictures from 1977, of the Leinberger racing team. This car was driving in 1977 in the german "DRM" .


Luigi Macaluso (I), original car.
previous rally driver for Fiat, he also owns an Abarth Prototipo


Team Piazzi from the 70ies / 80ies in Italy:


The Dallara of  Leif Lindström from Sweden. Leif bought this car at Dallara in 1978 and participated in races from 1979 to 1986 in Scandinavia. With this car he won 9 of 13 races he drove with it! The car was first fitted with a 1300 8V engine, later Leif fitted a 1600  8V Dallara engine.


Some more, possibly original cars without known owners:


Erwin Hammer's Dallara replika with 130TC engine:


A X1/9 race car with Dallara engine:


Maybe the best known car: the Dallara replica of Marc Van Linden (belgium). Very good replica with modified 1500ccm engine


The fiberglass body of the Dallara in detail:


You can get a body kit for a Dallara replica at in Italy.
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